Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. This app will not transmit any personally identifyable data to third parties without your explicit consent.

Below we list the scenarios where information is transmitted to third parties.

1. Automatic music library optimization

We perform a lookup of all artists and albums found in your music library, and we try to match and apply this information to your local music library. That way we can cleanup and improve your music library. The names of albums and their artists are transmitted to an online music database to perform this lookup. No user name, no unique identifier or other personally identifyable information is transmitted for this activity.

2. integration

You can activate integration from the settings pane. When the integration is active, information about all played tracks is transmitted to This information is linked to you user account. will use this information e.g. to update your user account with statistics of what tracks/artists/geres you like and play most. For more information about this, and how your data is used, please visit and check their privacy policy.