Which languages are available right now?

Language Translator(s)
Brazilian Portuguese Bruno Blanes
Dutch Peter van Miltenburg
English (Lukas Fellechner)
French Nicolas F. and Gilles
German (Lukas Fellechner)
Polish Rafał Dąbrowski
Portuguese Bruno Coelho
Slovenian Matej Reberc

I only provide the English and German language files. Thanks a lot to the people mentioned above, who helped translating the app to more languages, making the app nicer to use and enabling access for people that do not speak English!

More languages are in the works!

What about my language – can I help get it in?

You have some spare time and you would like to work on a translation for yourself and others to enjoy? That would be awesome!

How does it work?

It is very easy! I have an online translation server running. Basically, you just need to login and you can directly start translating. No special software needed, no programming skills required. Even without a login, you can take a look at the translation status:

Online Translation Server

How can I get a login to translate?

Just drop me a message in the Support page, containing the language(s) you would like to do, and I will send you a login and a few instructions. Then you can login to the server and start translating right away!

There is quite a lot to translate, but you do not have to do all the translations yourself. Auto translation using a „terms“ database does quite a good job already in translating many of the small labels (buttons, etc). Plus, others can join in and work on the same language. I will regularly monitor the status of the translations. If a translation is complete, I will add it as a new language.

I found a translation mistake – how can I get it corrected?

Translation errors and typos can be annoying. If you found something that does not sound right, please contact me via the Support page and send me the correct translation. I will get it into the next version.