APE Codec added in latest update!

New: Support for APE (Monkey’s Audio Codec) files
New: Better usage of AlbumArtist field
Fixed: Playlist reorder issue on Windows 10 (PC)
Fixed: Slow startup on Windows 10 Mobile
Fixed: Pausing and resuming ShoutCast radio streams (Phone)
Fixed: High memory consumption while streaming could cause problems (Phone)

The app now supports APE files as well! APE (Monkey’s Audio Codec) is a lossless audio codec that offers very high compression rates. APE file sizes are typically about 10% smaller than comparable FLAC files. If you have APE files in your music collection and you are a user of the Pro Version, you can now use Music Mode to play these files!

Please be aware that while the APE format has very good compression ratios, it is a lot of work to decode this format, due to the complexity of the compression algorithm. This is not a problem on PCs, you won’t really notice. But mobile phones, playing a lot of APE files can drain your battery noticeably faster than other file formats. Please be aware of this when using APE files on your mobile phone. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you! 😉

The app now makes better use of the AlbumArtist field, if found in the tags. This should help people who make regular use of it, e.g. for classical music (storing composer in album artist field), or for other purposes. Previously, the AlbumArtist was ignored if the performer was the same for all tracks.

Enjoy the latest version of Music Mode. If you like the app, please tell your friends, and don’t forget to give the app a decent rating!


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