New Version: Release 24

From now on I will start posting the change log of each new update here!

Polish language support was added! Thanks a lot to Rafał who did the translation, great job!! Greetings fly out to all my Polish users, hope you guys enjoy it. 🙂

You can now control the player using a bunch of new hotkeys on the F button row, which can also be used to remote control the player e.g. from phone using apps such as the „PC Remote“ app. The hotkeys also allow for some special functions such as seek, loop A-B and change of tempo. Check „Help and FAQ“ from the settings for details. Please note that this is a Pro Version feature.

More changes: A critical bug in the delete album function has been resolved. New genre entries can now be created in the Genres view (using right click or tap-hold). It is possible now to turn off the automatic library optimization (online database lookup) from the settings area. Some other minor bugs were fixed, including a graphics glitch on Windows 10.

Have fun with the new version!


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