Windows 10 is there!

Are you excited as well? I definitely am!

Here are some news for those of you that have already upgraded or plan to upgrade soon:

Somehow it seems that the app is currently not visible in the Windows 10 Store!? I am in contact with the Store Support on this. If you have updated to Windows 10 and do not find the app in the store, please use this link, it will directly take you to the app in the Store. The app is acutally available, you just can’t find it when using the „Search“ function.

The track change popups are not shown on Windows 10 and are instead converted into notification center items (plus an annoying sound). This does not really make sense for my type of popups. The next update will automatically disable this on Windows 10, but until then: Please press the “hamburger button” on top left of the app title bar, press “Settings”, “Options” and uncheck the second entry.

Windows 10 changes the user interface quite a bit, so some things need to be accessed in a different way. To access the app settings, please press the “hamburger button” on the top left of the title bar and press “Settings”. If you want to stream music to a DLNA device, please click on the speaker icon inside the app. I will release an updated version for Windows 10 which will make these things more accessible.


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