New Version: Release 26

I was not able to release an update for quite a while, due to a blocking problem with the Windows 10 Store. This is finally solved, so here comes a huge update, packing all the things I have done inbetween. Biggest change log ever!! 😉 Attention Windows 10 users: Important information at the end of this message!

The latest version allows you to share your music! To share the current track, just right-click in an empty area, or on a touch device, swipe in from the bottom or right and press „Share“. You can also select a specific track or album in the app (use right-click or tap-hold) and share it. Depending on the target app you select when sharing, you can either share the actual music files (e.g. via the e-mail app), or share the current track info (e.g. via the facebook or twitter app).

Additional  features and changes: The app can now play files that are not stored in your music library. So now you can just connect an USB stick from a friend to your PC, double click an audio track in Windows Explorer and it will start playing in music|mode! You can now set music|mode as your lockscreen „details“ app and it will show the current track info on the lockscreen. The app now correctly remembers the last track position on startup. A problem was solved that occurs with some devices when streaming music. The last update accidentially disabled the shortcuts to close the app (e.g. Alt+F4), this is fixed now. A special „Single Track Mode“ was added for professional use (stage, effects), check Advanced Options for that. Finally, the update information message can now optionally be auto translated.

Attention Windows 10 users: There were a bunch of problems on Windows 10 with this app. Most of these issues should be resolved with this update. The broken track change popup notifications are fixed so users who disabled them can now safely re-enable them. But some issues remain: I had to disable the auto crossfading options on track end, to work around a bug in the Windows 10 Operating System that would cause playback to stop or go silent on end of track. Microsoft is aware of the problem and working on a solution. As soon as a fix in the OS is available, I will re-enable the crossfading options. Some users who bought the Pro Version on Windows 8 seem to have lost the license after upgrading to Windows 10. The Pro Version license is of course also valid on Windows 10, and you do not need to purchase the app again. I am working with Microsoft on fixing this problem. If you need a solution quickly, please contact microsoft directly at They should be able to fix the license for individual users, but we are also working on a general fix that will solve it for all users automatically. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Have fun with the new version!


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