New versions for both PC and Windows Phone!

PC Version:

I have finally found a workaround to a bug in Windows 10. So now I can finally re-enable all crossfading options again for Windows 10 users! The same bug also caused problems when controlling the app while it is mimizied. This is fixed as well, so the Media Keys work fine again, as well as the playback controls which appear when hovering over the task bar icon.

The previous/next buttons have been enhanced: Pressing the „previous track“ button while playing a track will jump to the beginning of the current track (like on most hi-fi devices). So now you can easily restart the current track with this button. On second press you will get to the previous track. And a long press on these buttons now seeks within the current track!

Some users complained that playlist file loading is too slow. I worked on that area with great success: The load times of playlist files has been improved dramatically. Now even a playlist file with 1000 tracks can be imported within a second!

A bug was fixed that prevented playing files stored outside the music library. Some other smaller bugs are fixes as well.

Windows Phone Version:

This version adds support for gestures! On the lower playback area, you can swipe left/right for previous/next track, and swipe up or tap to open the „now playing“ view. On „now playing“ on the cover you can swipe left/right for previous/next track, tap to pause/resume, and swipe down to close „now playing“. This should be useful especially when using the app in a car. A long press on the previous/next buttons will now seek inside the current track. You can also show these buttons in the bottom playback area, check the app settings for that.

A new continuation mode was added („Continue Randomly“). It will pick completely random albums from your library. This is currently available in the app settings but will be moved to „now playing“ in a future version of the app.

A critical bug was fixed, that could cause the app to freeze repeatedly once a special condition was met. A bunch of smaller issues were also fixed: On phones with software buttons (Back , Windows, Search), the app now resizes automatically when the navigation area is shown or hidden. MP4 files are now supported again, and tag parsing of M4A files has been fixed. Direction of previous/next track buttons on bottom playback area is fixed.

Have fun with the new versions!!


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