New PC Version released!

– Overview –

– New functions to shuffle and sort playlists, and easily add tracks
– Windows 10 playlist reorder bug solved
– Improved playlist loading (auto repair)
– New setting to restore view on startup
– Reduced memory consumption

– Details –

This update adds new important functions to playlist handling! You can finally shuffle your playlist, or sort it using various sorting schemes. Then there is a button that allows you to search for a  track or album and directly add it to the playlist. Finally, there is a button that will add the currently playing track to the playlist. The last one should make playlist building a lot easier. Now you can listen to tracks, and once you find one that suits the playlist, just hit this button.

If you are using Windows 10, you might have noticed that after installing the latest big Windows update, you cannot re-order playlist tracks anymore. There is a bug in the Windows update, which breaks the reorder function. I have added a custom reorder solution to work around this problem, until a fix in Windows 10 is available.

Playlist loading has also been further improved: A lot of people have problems importing their playlist. Often, the problem is that they have moved their music library to a different folder, or moved it from one PC to another PC. In such cases, all file names in the playlist files are usually wrong, and the playlist cannot be loaded anymore. But now, music|mode will try to detect such errors, and automatically repair all file names for you! Please note that this only works, if your complete library folder has been moved. If you reorganize your library by renaming or moving individual files or folders, this cannot be fixed.

In the options there is now a new setting that allows you to always restore the last view of the app on app startup. So whenever you start the app, it will resume where you left off. By default, the home screen is shown on startup, but you can change this now if you like.

Finally, I could greatly reduce the memory consumption while adding new files. This could be a problem on devices with very low memory, and is now resolved.

Have fun with the new version!


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