Windows Phone: Official Release!

The Windows Phone version has finally left the „beta“ phase with this first official release!!


– New app logo and icons
– New sort and display options
– Folder navigation support
– Share function
– New appearance options
– Pro Version upgrade option added

First, I’d like to thank Tomasz „Vizal“ Ososinski (, who was so kind to create the cool new logo for the app! It looks a whole lot better than the old one. Really cool stuff, and just in time for the official release! I would also like to thank all beta testers of the app. I got a whole lot of great feedback and suggestions, and some beta testers were also extremely supportive, helping me a lot to track down and solve some very difficult problems in the app. Thanks to all of you!

Probably the biggest functional improvement in this version is the hamburger button, which allows you to change the sort and display options of many views in the app. Now you can directly list all songs by an artist or genre, if you do not like to navigate by album. You can also change the sorting of many views. You like to have your albums sorted by album name, by artist, by date added or last played? All possible now, check it out!

Another important new feature is the folder view. Now you can finally navigate your music by folder structure, instead of using the media library. You can also set a start folder, so you do not always have to manually locate your music folder (e.g. if it is somewhere on the SD card).

A share function has also been added. Press+hold on a track or album, and you can share the actual music file with your friends, using e.g. Whatsapp, Mail, OneDrive, or you can post the song information on facebook or twitter.

Finally, there are a bunch of new settings to customize the appearance of the player. You can switch the theme of the app (dark or light), you can decide to use your phone’s accent color in the app instead of the default blue color, you can change transparency,… Also, the settings have been re-organized to allow easier access.

Pro Version: Since the app is very new, I have decided to keep all features unlocked for some more time. But after a while, some features (e.g. flac playback, the appearance options and fade effects) will be disabled, and you will need to buy the Pro Version to unlock them again. The Pro Version license is also valid for the PC version of the app: Buy it once and you can use it on all your Windows devices!

If you like the app, please be sure to submit a great rating and review! And please consider supporting the future development of the app, by purchasing the „Pro Version“ upgrade. Thank you.

Have fun!


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