New update for PC version!


– New: New logo design.
– New: Years view added.
– New: Countries translated, assign using drag+drop.
– Fixed: Wrong position when inserting tracks into playlist.
– Fixed: authentication (hopefully fixed, please test).
– Fixed: scrobble last album track.

First, I’d like to thank Tomasz „Vizal“ Ososinski (, who was so kind to create the cool new logo for the app, thanks a lot!

Following a user request, I have added a new view to the app. Similar to the „Decades“ view, the new „Years“ view lets you browse your albums by year. The view can be selected from the main menu, but you can also open an album and click on the year to browse all albums from that year. You can also set the year for an album, by dragging the album and dropping it to the target year.

I have finally added translations for all countries in the „Countries“ view. Additionally, you can now assign a country to an album, by dragging the album and dropping it to the target country in the list.

A bug has been found in the playlist behavior. Sometimes, when adding new tracks to the playlist using drag+drop, the tracks were not inserted at the right position. This is now fixed.

Finally, I have done some modifications to the integration. There were a bunch of problems with the authentication, caused by a change to the servers. If you had problems activating the integration, please try again now. Please let me know how it goes. There was also one other small problem with integration. When playing an album, the last track was not scroblled to, until you started the next track. This is also fixed now. All tracks are submitted to on track end.

I wish everyone a happy new year, all the best!


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