New PC Version


New: Songs view
New: Local cache for „scrobbles“
New: Uses „sort name“ for artists, if stored in tags
Fixed: Problems with export playlist tracks function
Fixed: Endless loop when started on a PC without music files


This has been asked for over and over again. Finally, the „Songs“ view is available in the app! Now you can browse through all your songs, in an alphabetic fashion. I hope you guys like it! This view also shows the format and bitrate of your tracks, and allows you to sort your songs based on format or bitrate. So if you want to cleanup your library and get rid of bad quality files, this view is your new best friend as well!

In previous versions, the integration did only submit tracks when you were online. Now the app will store played tracks in a local cache file when you are offline, and submit the tracks when you are connected to again. So you will never lose your playback history again.

There have been a bunch of smaller changes as well. The app will now use „sort names“ for artists, if they are found in file tags. This is only applied to new files. If you want the app to use sort names for existing files, you will need to reset your music library. There was a problem with the export playlist tracks function, if some special characters were contained in artist names. This is fixed now. Finally, when the app was started on a PC without any music files, it would get into an endless loop, asking for the music folder over and over again, without a way to exit the app. A cancel button has been added, to get you out of this situation.

Have fun with the latest version!



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