New Phone Version

Tons of new stuff in this version!


New: Radio Streaming from SHOUTcast (Experimental, Pro Version)
New: integration (Pro Version)
New: Landscape mode with two column layout
New: Option to restore last view on startup
New: Uses „sort names“ for artist, if stored in tags
Fixed: Playback issues


Radio streaming has been requested quite often, and now you have it! About 60.000 radio streams from SHOUTcast are now available for Pro Version users. Start listening to your favorite tunes and discover new music! The app automatically downloads and shows artwork for every played track, as long as the phone’s display is on. Streaming is still experimental and might not yet be 100% stable. Please report any problems you have. The feature will also be enabled for users of the free version for a while, so existing users can try it as well.

A lot of people asked for integration on the phone. Now it is finally available for users of the Pro Version! I added local caching for the phone version: If you are offline, your tracks will be stored in a local cache file, and the app will upload them when you are connected to again. The integration is also perfect if you use the new radio streaming to discover new music: You can later login to to see which tracks have been played, and find out more about them. Pretty cool!

A landscape mode has been added. If you use your phone in the car as navigation device, in landscape orientation, you will be glad to hear that your favorite music player supports landscape orientation as well. When used in landscape mode, the app displays a two colum layout!

A new option has been added, to restore the last view when the app is started. If this is enabled, the app will continue right where you left off last time. Finally, the app will now use „sort names“ for artists, if they are found in file tags. This is only applied to new files. If you want the app to use sort names for existing files, you will need to reset your music library.

Some users have experienced a weird bug where the app would play a seemingly random song instead of the song they selected. Also, on Windows 10 Mobile, playback could stop after a few songs, caused by a new bug in newer versions of Windows 10 Mobile. Both problems should now be solved. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

The next big features I am planning are playlist support and random/repeat modes.

Have fun with the new version!


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