New PC Update: Equalizer!


New: Equalizer
New: Zoom via hotkey (Ctrl+Plus/Minus)
Fixed: Crashes on library update


I have been working on this since quite a while. Now it is finally finished! Say hello to the new high quality 10-band equalizer, available to all Pro Version users! Finally you can adjust the audio output, to perfectly match your audio equipment. It works well even with high definition audio up to 24bit/192kHz and with surround audio files.

A recommendation for best audio quality: If you turn up the equalizer a lot, it’s always recommended to lower the „Preamp“ to some degree, to compensate for the EQ volume increase. Otherwise, during loud passages, the equalizer could push the audio above the maximum, which would lead to degraded audio quality. This is a general rule for all kinds of equalizers.

You can now change the app’s zoom factor without having to go into the app settings. Just press Ctrl+Plus/Minus to zoom in or out. Please note that it can take a while until the app updates the thumbnails, so they can appear burry for a while.

The last update has caused the app to crash for a few users. This should be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know if you still experience crashes.

Have fun with the latest version!


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