Windows Phone: Official Release!

The Windows Phone version has finally left the „beta“ phase with this first official release!!


– New app logo and icons
– New sort and display options
– Folder navigation support
– Share function
– New appearance options
– Pro Version upgrade option added

First, I’d like to thank Tomasz „Vizal“ Ososinski (, who was so kind to create the cool new logo for the app! It looks a whole lot better than the old one. Really cool stuff, and just in time for the official release! I would also like to thank all beta testers of the app. I got a whole lot of great feedback and suggestions, and some beta testers were also extremely supportive, helping me a lot to track down and solve some very difficult problems in the app. Thanks to all of you!

Probably the biggest functional improvement in this version is the hamburger button, which allows you to change the sort and display options of many views in the app. Now you can directly list all songs by an artist or genre, if you do not like to navigate by album. You can also change the sorting of many views. You like to have your albums sorted by album name, by artist, by date added or last played? All possible now, check it out!

Another important new feature is the folder view. Now you can finally navigate your music by folder structure, instead of using the media library. You can also set a start folder, so you do not always have to manually locate your music folder (e.g. if it is somewhere on the SD card).

A share function has also been added. Press+hold on a track or album, and you can share the actual music file with your friends, using e.g. Whatsapp, Mail, OneDrive, or you can post the song information on facebook or twitter.

Finally, there are a bunch of new settings to customize the appearance of the player. You can switch the theme of the app (dark or light), you can decide to use your phone’s accent color in the app instead of the default blue color, you can change transparency,… Also, the settings have been re-organized to allow easier access.

Pro Version: Since the app is very new, I have decided to keep all features unlocked for some more time. But after a while, some features (e.g. flac playback, the appearance options and fade effects) will be disabled, and you will need to buy the Pro Version to unlock them again. The Pro Version license is also valid for the PC version of the app: Buy it once and you can use it on all your Windows devices!

If you like the app, please be sure to submit a great rating and review! And please consider supporting the future development of the app, by purchasing the „Pro Version“ upgrade. Thank you.

Have fun!

New PC Version!

This update adds some more functions to the playlist view. Most importantly, you can now automatically remove all duplicates from your playlist with a single button click. Additionally, you can save the playlist right from the playlist window, and export playlist songs as well. Press the „…“ button on a playlist for the new extended functions.

Have fun with the new version!

New PC Version released!

– Overview –

– New functions to shuffle and sort playlists, and easily add tracks
– Windows 10 playlist reorder bug solved
– Improved playlist loading (auto repair)
– New setting to restore view on startup
– Reduced memory consumption

– Details –

This update adds new important functions to playlist handling! You can finally shuffle your playlist, or sort it using various sorting schemes. Then there is a button that allows you to search for a  track or album and directly add it to the playlist. Finally, there is a button that will add the currently playing track to the playlist. The last one should make playlist building a lot easier. Now you can listen to tracks, and once you find one that suits the playlist, just hit this button.

If you are using Windows 10, you might have noticed that after installing the latest big Windows update, you cannot re-order playlist tracks anymore. There is a bug in the Windows update, which breaks the reorder function. I have added a custom reorder solution to work around this problem, until a fix in Windows 10 is available.

Playlist loading has also been further improved: A lot of people have problems importing their playlist. Often, the problem is that they have moved their music library to a different folder, or moved it from one PC to another PC. In such cases, all file names in the playlist files are usually wrong, and the playlist cannot be loaded anymore. But now, music|mode will try to detect such errors, and automatically repair all file names for you! Please note that this only works, if your complete library folder has been moved. If you reorganize your library by renaming or moving individual files or folders, this cannot be fixed.

In the options there is now a new setting that allows you to always restore the last view of the app on app startup. So whenever you start the app, it will resume where you left off. By default, the home screen is shown on startup, but you can change this now if you like.

Finally, I could greatly reduce the memory consumption while adding new files. This could be a problem on devices with very low memory, and is now resolved.

Have fun with the new version!

New versions for both PC and Windows Phone!

PC Version:

I have finally found a workaround to a bug in Windows 10. So now I can finally re-enable all crossfading options again for Windows 10 users! The same bug also caused problems when controlling the app while it is mimizied. This is fixed as well, so the Media Keys work fine again, as well as the playback controls which appear when hovering over the task bar icon.

The previous/next buttons have been enhanced: Pressing the „previous track“ button while playing a track will jump to the beginning of the current track (like on most hi-fi devices). So now you can easily restart the current track with this button. On second press you will get to the previous track. And a long press on these buttons now seeks within the current track!

Some users complained that playlist file loading is too slow. I worked on that area with great success: The load times of playlist files has been improved dramatically. Now even a playlist file with 1000 tracks can be imported within a second!

A bug was fixed that prevented playing files stored outside the music library. Some other smaller bugs are fixes as well.

Windows Phone Version:

This version adds support for gestures! On the lower playback area, you can swipe left/right for previous/next track, and swipe up or tap to open the „now playing“ view. On „now playing“ on the cover you can swipe left/right for previous/next track, tap to pause/resume, and swipe down to close „now playing“. This should be useful especially when using the app in a car. A long press on the previous/next buttons will now seek inside the current track. You can also show these buttons in the bottom playback area, check the app settings for that.

A new continuation mode was added („Continue Randomly“). It will pick completely random albums from your library. This is currently available in the app settings but will be moved to „now playing“ in a future version of the app.

A critical bug was fixed, that could cause the app to freeze repeatedly once a special condition was met. A bunch of smaller issues were also fixed: On phones with software buttons (Back , Windows, Search), the app now resizes automatically when the navigation area is shown or hidden. MP4 files are now supported again, and tag parsing of M4A files has been fixed. Direction of previous/next track buttons on bottom playback area is fixed.

Have fun with the new versions!!

New Version: Release 26

I was not able to release an update for quite a while, due to a blocking problem with the Windows 10 Store. This is finally solved, so here comes a huge update, packing all the things I have done inbetween. Biggest change log ever!! 😉 Attention Windows 10 users: Important information at the end of this message!

The latest version allows you to share your music! To share the current track, just right-click in an empty area, or on a touch device, swipe in from the bottom or right and press „Share“. You can also select a specific track or album in the app (use right-click or tap-hold) and share it. Depending on the target app you select when sharing, you can either share the actual music files (e.g. via the e-mail app), or share the current track info (e.g. via the facebook or twitter app).

Additional  features and changes: The app can now play files that are not stored in your music library. So now you can just connect an USB stick from a friend to your PC, double click an audio track in Windows Explorer and it will start playing in music|mode! You can now set music|mode as your lockscreen „details“ app and it will show the current track info on the lockscreen. The app now correctly remembers the last track position on startup. A problem was solved that occurs with some devices when streaming music. The last update accidentially disabled the shortcuts to close the app (e.g. Alt+F4), this is fixed now. A special „Single Track Mode“ was added for professional use (stage, effects), check Advanced Options for that. Finally, the update information message can now optionally be auto translated.

Attention Windows 10 users: There were a bunch of problems on Windows 10 with this app. Most of these issues should be resolved with this update. The broken track change popup notifications are fixed so users who disabled them can now safely re-enable them. But some issues remain: I had to disable the auto crossfading options on track end, to work around a bug in the Windows 10 Operating System that would cause playback to stop or go silent on end of track. Microsoft is aware of the problem and working on a solution. As soon as a fix in the OS is available, I will re-enable the crossfading options. Some users who bought the Pro Version on Windows 8 seem to have lost the license after upgrading to Windows 10. The Pro Version license is of course also valid on Windows 10, and you do not need to purchase the app again. I am working with Microsoft on fixing this problem. If you need a solution quickly, please contact microsoft directly at They should be able to fix the license for individual users, but we are also working on a general fix that will solve it for all users automatically. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Have fun with the new version!

Warning to users wanting to update to Windows 10

One more problem has appeared regarding Windows 10: It looks like the update will wipe all app data. In the case of music|mode, this means that all your playlists will be lost after the update, unless you manually export them before starting the update.

So if you plan to update to Windows 10 and you are using the playlists feature, please export them following these steps:

1. Select Playlist using right-click or tap-hold
2. Press „Save“
3. Select format and location
4. Repeat for all playlists

After the update, wait for the music library to update completely. Then open the „Playlists“ view, press the right mouse button (or swipe in from the bottom), press „Load“ and select the playlist file(s) you exported. The files will now be imported (which can take a while on large playlists).

I am really sorry for the users who have already lost their playlists. It is very unusual that a windows update just deletes app data of installed apps. This was not the case with previous updates, not even with major windows updates.

Windows 10 is there!

Are you excited as well? I definitely am!

Here are some news for those of you that have already upgraded or plan to upgrade soon:

Somehow it seems that the app is currently not visible in the Windows 10 Store!? I am in contact with the Store Support on this. If you have updated to Windows 10 and do not find the app in the store, please use this link, it will directly take you to the app in the Store. The app is acutally available, you just can’t find it when using the „Search“ function.

The track change popups are not shown on Windows 10 and are instead converted into notification center items (plus an annoying sound). This does not really make sense for my type of popups. The next update will automatically disable this on Windows 10, but until then: Please press the “hamburger button” on top left of the app title bar, press “Settings”, “Options” and uncheck the second entry.

Windows 10 changes the user interface quite a bit, so some things need to be accessed in a different way. To access the app settings, please press the “hamburger button” on the top left of the title bar and press “Settings”. If you want to stream music to a DLNA device, please click on the speaker icon inside the app. I will release an updated version for Windows 10 which will make these things more accessible.